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Heating Optimisation

Heating Optimisation

Operating a heating system in a commercial building is costly.

If the system is not optimised to achieve energy efficiency reliability then the cost will increase. Inefficient use of energy also results in unnecessary carbon emissions.

The Birdsall optimisation service is designed to ensure the heating system is correctly set up to meet the buildings particular operational requirements whilst achieving energy efficiency

Optimisation can include: staging and control, flow metering, connections, thermal expansion mechanisms, sequencing and performance analysis.

Optimised, the monetary savings of a heating system over the course of a year can be considerable. Additional improvements such as de-stratifications fans maybe considered.

The performance analysis undertaken can also reduce downtime and additional downtime costs through proactive actions.

A heating maintenance service with Birdsall includes optimisation during each service.

The Birdsall Optimisation Bureau is available to monitor your heating system 24/7. Should there be a fault or a drop in performance an alarm will alert our Bureau to take immediate action, reducing both costs and downtime.


Key elements of Optimisation are:

  • Performance Analysis – detailed picture of how the heating system is performing, highlighting all areas of poor performance and inefficiency.
  • Implement Improvements – proactively address all faults and inefficiencies.
  • Performance Monitor – implement ongoing 24/7 performance monitoring to maintain high efficiency all year round.